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Culford Mews

We have bought three freeholds in Culford Mews N1 over the last twenty years, and are keen to buy more in the vicinity. Culford Mews is a cobbled street in the De Beauvoir Conservation Area, and contains a diverse collection of buildings and uses. In recent years it has benefited from infrastructure investment in Dalston and has become equally attractive for either living or working.

Reedbox develops studio buildings, and by developing, designing, building and managing just one building type, we know it inside out. Every new building is influenced by what worked and what didn’t on the previous ones, supplemented by constant occupier feedback. From our experience the best studios have simple open plan layouts, heavy exposed structure and high ceilings. Its always preferable to maximise use of daylight and natural ventilation. 

The photographs below show how similar buildings can be used in very different, but useful ways, and how we can give them a new lease of life when necessary.

Interior of 7 Culford Mews
Interior of 6 Culford Mews